Kontakt wyłącznie dla mediów

Kontakt wyłącznie dla mediów


Wszystkich  przedstawicieli mediów serdecznie zapraszamy do kontaktu. Jednocześnie  informujemy, że Biuro Prasowe udziela odpowiedzi wyłącznie na zapytania mediów i nie przekazuje kontaktów do innych pracowników organizacji.
  • Oferty marketingowe prosimy kierować na adres: marketing@medicover.pl
  • W innych sprawach zapraszamy do kontaktu z biurem Medicover:
    22 592 70 00


Lack of preventive health screening – an epidemic among men!

More than 18 million men live in Poland [1]. If any disease concerned such a large group of people, we would undoubtedly recognise it as an epidemic. There is, however, one reason why men's health is not at its best. It is a general belief that there is no need to undergo preventive health screening tests, and they are consequently postponed. It is commonly believed that men care less about health than women, and that they only see a doctor when it is too late for prevention and specific therapeutic actions are needed. According to the Medicover Report "Work. Health. Economics "(survey of nearly 230,000 patients) as many as 68 percent of them are overweight or obese. It is one of the factors that, without proper control and effective treatment at an early stage, can lead to serious health consequences.