Medicover Hospital expands into orthopaedics: a new Rehasport Clinic

Medicover Hospital expands into orthopaedics: a new Rehasport Clinic

Musculoskeletal disorders are among the four most common causes of medical leaves from work and school. Days lost due to such disorders account for 9 percent of the total number of all working days lost[1]. Every year, nearly 60 percent of adult Poles report temporary health issues or chronic diseases of this kin. Middle or lower back pain and neck pain are among the six most frequent complaints[2]. In response to the such needs, Medicover Hospital invests in orthopaedics and launches a Rehasport Clinic which will complement the range of medical services offered in Wilanów near Warsaw. [1] A report entitled ”Work. Health. Economics. Perspective 2011-2015, Medicover, 2016 [2]  Health and Health Related Behaviours of Poles in the context of the results of the European Health Interview Survey (EHIS), Central Statistical Office, 2014.

Seven out of ten working Poles spend approximately 2,000 hours a year sitting[1]. This is one of the reasons why musculoskeletal disorders are currently one of the major health concerns reported by employees. Every year, around 22 percent of workforce cope with chronic musculoskeletal conditions. The most frequent complaints include pain in the back, arms and neck. In the case of back pain, the annual cost of the disease per one employee incurred by the employer amounts to PLN 198 for employees covered by the Medicover care model versus PLN 571 in the case of an average employee in Poland.  

The cost is an effect of both medical leaves and the so called presenteeism i.e. ineffective presence at work. A common example of presenteeism is the presence at work of an employee who due to backpain and the related physical and psychological discomfort works less effectively.

Katarzyna Gorzelak-Kostrzewska, MD, Medicover’s expert in internal and occupational diseases

Due to the high incidence of the condition, ensuring quick access to specialists in orthopaedics and physical rehabilitation is very important. Therefore, Rehasport Clinic which is a member of the Medicover Group, opened a new facility located in Medicover Hospital in Wilanów.

The fundamental operating principle of the clinic is to provide a comprehensive range of services to patients, from consultation with a specialist and imaging tests, through surgery and rehabilitation, up to the full recovery. This approach is made possible by a team of nearly fifty physicians, physiotherapists and biomechanics with top qualifications and extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopaedic disorders and injuries.

Witold Dudziński, MD, Rehasport Clinic

The opening of a Rehasport Clinic in the Medicover Hospital has been an important strategic goal for the company. Medical services are offered to the patients of the clinic by highly qualified hospital personnel and top specialists.

The Rehasport Clinic complements the extensive range of healthcare services offered by the Medicover Hospital to its patients. The clinic consists of eight offices located on the ground floor of the hospital building and two rehabilitation gyms with modern equipment. But above all, the clinic relies on a team of excellent professionals, including orthopaedists, sports medicine and rehabilitation experts, surgeons and physiotherapists.

Małgorzata Wierzbicka, Marketing & Business Relationship Manager of the Medicover Hospital

The Rehasport Clinic team specialises in the treatment of orthopaedic conditions of various parts of the body, including upper limbs (shoulder, elbow, wrist or hand), backbone disorders (such as back pain or postural conditions in children) and lower limbs (e.g. the hip, knee, ankle or the foot). The clinic also offers consultations with paediatric orthopaedists.

In Rehasport Clinics, we offer hundreds of different treatments and procedures – from the ones which do not require hospitalisation, such as the stem cell or growth hormone therapy – up to and including highly complex surgical interventions, for instance multi-ligament reconstructions or total joint replacements. Whenever possible, we use minimally-invasive techniques which facilitate quick and safe recovery.

Tomasz Piontek, MD, Rehasport Clinic

The rehabilitation methods employed in Rehasport Clinics are based on results of scientific research. Patients’ progress is monitored using a range of advanced tests jointly referred to as the Biomechanical Functional Assessment. The assessment allows us to precisely define the time of the patient’s full recovery, which means a return to everyday activity, work or practising sports.

Rehasport Clinic is currently the leading provider of sports medicine which takes care of the health of many of the best athletes. It has a regular cooperation with the Polish Sailing Association, Polish Handball Association and Polonia Warszawa football club. Recently, Rehasport Clinic was responsible for the rehabilitation of Piotr Wyszomirski, the goalkeeper of Poland’s national handball team. It is also a medical partner to Adam Bielecki, a recognised Polish mountaineer and climber.
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