Iwona Pokwicka is the new Vice President of the Board of Medicover sp. z o.o and Director of Operations for our Clinic Business

Iwona Pokwicka is the new Vice President of the Board of Medicover sp. z o.o and Director of Operations for our Clinic Business


In January, Iwona Pokwicka was appointed Vice President of Medicover sp. z o.o. and Director of Operations in Medicover’s clinic business. In this position, she will be responsible for the functioning of Medicover medical clinics throughout Poland.

Iwona joined Medicover over 17 years ago in 2001 and has held many positions within the organisation as she progressed her career as Customer Service Manager, Clinic Manager,  Regional Operating Manager, Medicover Hospital Manager and then President of Medicover’s  InviMed  fertility clinics, the largest network of fertility clinics in Poland where she led the business to  record growth in revenue and customer satisfaction.

Iwona Pokwicka is a manager with a wealth of experience and broad understanding of the health care sector. She has a proven track record of delivery and helped create InviMed into the largest network of fertility clinics in Poland. In her new position, she will ensure we can respond to the needs of our customers, increase medical supply and levels of customer satisfaction.

John Stubbington, CEO Medicover Healthcare Services.

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