New Medicover Dental acquisitions

The network takes over renowned dental and prosthetic Silesian laboratories

New Medicover Dental acquisitions

This February, Medicover Dental will be adding two renowned dental institutions to its rapidly expanding offer: the Stoma-Dental network of dental clinics and Yellow-Med, one of the most modern dental engineering laboratories in Poland. Both facilities are located in Rybnik in the Silesia region. The inclusion of these two institutions into the Medicover Dentistry network is a sign that the dental market is beginning to consolidate.

In the last few years alone, Medicover Dental acquired two strong dental brands - DentaCare and Prestige Dent. Within a few years, the company has doubled the total number of dental chairs included in Medicover Dentistry, DentaCare, Prestige Dent and now Stoma-Dental. But, as it turns out, the company has further plans for investing in dentistry.

The latest Medicover Dental acquisition will strengthen the network’s specialist prosthetic competences. The Yellow-Med laboratory and the Stoma-Dental clinics have extensive experience in performing prosthetic procedures using the latest computer-aided design technology - CAD/CAM.

Adding new specialised dental institutions to our network is an important step in our development strategy and fulfilling our goal, which is to build a nationwide network of dental clinics offering the highest quality medical services with special regard to patient safety and comfort. Strengthening competences in the latest computer-aided prosthetic design technology is an opportunity for comprehensive implementation of digitisation at Medicover Dental based on an internal prosthetic laboratory, built by Yellow-Med. By expanding the list of facilities at Medicover Dental, we offer patients increased access to the most advanced dental procedures and highly qualified specialists. Thus when acquiring new entities, we always take into account facilities with a comprehensive range of dental services specialised in advanced procedures. This acquisition fully meets these requirements.

Wioletta Januszczyk, Managing Director at Medicover Dental.

The Stoma-Dent clinics in Rybnik and the Yellow-Med laboratory are known for their high quality services and a great reputation among patients.

Our key to success is working with patients who go through all the stages of prosthetic design and directly participate in them. Dental procedures performed under general anaesthesia, which are becoming increasingly more popular among patients, also deserve recognition, as their popularity draws patients from all over Poland to our clinic.

Gabriela Kamińska from Stoma-Dental in Rybnik

In addition to the professionalism of their doctors and an innovative approach to patients, the clinics in Rybnik were very highly rated on the local market. In 2014, the owner of Stoma-Dental received the Person of the Year award in Rybnik.
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