Medicover launches a new website

Medicover launches a new website


The new website is a modern platform offering reliable and comprehensive health-related information as well as interactive tools for the users, such as online medical history and BMI calculator. Medicover also decided to implement a doctor review system that will help patients choose the right specialist. The website was launched on 14 February 2018.

The new website is part of e-health services that the company has been developing for over ten years. The site was created in response to the needs of patients who are increasingly searching for health-related information online. According to the Gemius/PBI study, health-related websites receive nearly 130 million page views per month.

The health-related information that we can find online is not always reliable, it is often incomplete, confusing for the patient, and above all, it is not verified by experts. On our website, patients can find reliable health-related articles and answers to their questions. The knowledge base, created by experts in the field of medicine, is constantly expanding and each article is checked to ensure the information it contains is current.

Dr Piotr Soszyński, Medical Systems Director at Medicover Poland

The new website will offer users access to over 600 publications, divided into two modules - a health encyclopaedia and a medicine lexicon. The encyclopaedia contains detailed, professional descriptions of the most common diseases and ailments, including causes, diagnostics, symptoms, treatment, prognosis, potential complications and recommended actions. All this in an accessible form, which includes videos and infographics. In the lexicon, patients will find descriptions of medicines available on the Polish market, along with their dosage and use.

The website will also offer users interactive tools - online medical history, BMI calculator, fertility days calculator, pregnancy calendar and baby blood type calculator. These are solutions that often allow a preliminary assessment of a health problem and assist in obtaining effective help, for example directing a patient to the right specialist. Some of the interesting features include blood glucose and blood pressure journals, which store the measurement results that can be printed and brought with you to your doctor's appointment.

Dr Piotr Soszyński, Medical Systems Director at Medicover Poland

The website has a modern doctor search engine, which in a quick and intuitive way will allow patients to find Medicover doctors throughout Poland and make it easier to book an appointment. In addition to basic information about the doctor (name, photo, work location, specialisation, experience, languages, education, certificates, publications), a star rating was also introduced.

The star rating is a system of reviews published on the basis of questionnaires provided by patients. This is a global trend, and such solutions can be seen on the websites of the largest and most prestigious companies offering private medical care. To ensure credibility, we take into account the ratings from the last 12 months and only from patients who have actually been seen by the doctor.

Rafał Janas, Senior Project Manager at Medicover Poland, responsible for the website implementation project.

The site is fully responsive. It includes modern graphics and a clear content layout. The website is available at

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Wady refrakcji wpływające na ostrość widzenia stanowią ok. 42 proc. problemów ze wzrokiem, co czyni je najczęstszym problemem okulistycznym występującym w naszym społeczeństwieu pacjentów w każdym wieku. Istnieje kilka sposobów na ich korekcję. Aż 80 proc. pacjentów sięga po szkła okularowe, a mniej niż co 10 osoba stosuje soczewki kontaktowe. Coraz bardziej popularna staje się też laserowa korekcja wad wzroku. Przynosi ona bowiem trwałe i natychmiastowe efekty, a wraz z postępem medycyny zabieg ten jest bezbolesny i bezpieczny i znacząco poprawia jakość widzenia, a tym samym  komfort  życia pacjentów. Dlatego w odpowiedzi na potrzeby pacjentów w wyniku współpracy Szpitala Medicover z Libermedic z Warszawskim Centrum Okulistycznym powstała Klinika Chirurgii Okulistycznej. Nadzór merytoryczny sprawuje prof. dr hab. n. med. Iwona Grabska-Liberek, Prezes Polskiego Towarzystwa Okulistycznego, wieloletni konsultant województwa mazowieckiego w dziedzinie okulistyki, specjalizująca się w mikrochirurgii oka.