Pregnabit at Medicover Poland medical centres

Pregnabit at Medicover Poland medical centres


Nestmedic has signed a contract with an international private healthcare company. The mobile CTG system, Pregnabit, will be launched at Medicover Poland medical centres. This launch will mark the beginning of further contracts with international medical networks.

Nestmedic, an innovative technology company operating in the field of telemedicine and digital health, has successfully completed the negotiations with the Medicover Poland. As a result, the Telemonitoring Medical Center (TMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestmedic, concluded a pilot contract with Medicover Poland. Six mobile CTG systems – Pregnabit, along with a dedicated platform for displaying and analysing teleCTG data, will be provided to the Scandinavian medical network.

Concluding negotiations with Medicover Poland is the next stage in commercialising the Pregnabit system. Our partner is part of an international company, consciously using telemedicine solutions in the healthcare system. Together, we aim to set new standards in perinatal care.

Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Nestmedic S.A.

With its roots in Sweden, Medicover is one of the leaders in the private healthcare market in Central and Eastern Europe. Its revenues in 2017 reached EUR 580.2 million, and nearly 45% of this amount was generated by its Polish centres. After over 20 years of intensive development, the Medicover network in Poland alone consist of 31 medical centres and 1800 partner facilities. They also include a multidisciplinary private hospital in Warsaw along with an obstetrics clinic, which, to date, has assisted in the birth of about 5,000 children.

Innovations in telemedicine, such as the Pregnabit system, help improve the quality of healthcare. Consequently, Medicover actively monitors and supports solutions in this area. Mobile CTG provides new opportunities to patients as well as doctors at Medicover Poland, and we believe that in the near future these types of telemedicine solutions will be a standard in medicine.

Piotr Soszyński, PhD, Director of Medical Systems at Medicover Poland.

The concluded contract has been another successful venture for Nestmedic in recent months. The company recently announced the conclusion of agreements with distributors and medical centres on the German, Scandinavian and African markets, as well as having extended its contract with Polmed. The Wrocław company has already announced that Pregnabit will reach more foreign markets this year.

The experience gained through our cooperation with Medicover will result in further launches, including private medical centre networks in Western Europe.

Patrycja Wizińska-Socha, PhD, CEO and co-founder of Nestmedic S.A.

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